Monday, August 31, 2009

Indian Temples: Kanchipuram Kamatchi

Indian Temples: Kanchipuram Kamatchi

While Lord Siva was meditating, Parvati playfully covered his eyes for a moment. This resulted in the earth being covered with darkness for years. This angered Siva who cursed Parvati to go to earth and do severe penance. She came to earth and created the earth linga and worshiped it under a single (eka) mango tree in Kanchipuram. Siva sent different obstacles to test Parvati’s sincerity. When he sent a flood, she clasped to the linga so tightly that imprints were made on it.

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Indian Temple said...

Had you heard of clocks as offering to god? The exceptional offering in India is at Maa Panchu-baraha temple in Rajnagar. For risky journey to remote places, their ancestor devotees offered, in olden times, different kinda clocks to their goddess of safety & well being. Highly active festivals of temple are Dusehra & Pana Sankranti.

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